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    Response was assessed using the Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumours criteria, and Simon's two-stage design was applied. Twelve consecutive patients were enrolled in stage 1.

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    Only one objective response was observed. Since the target response rate was not achieved, accrual was stopped and CDDP as a single agent in ES was judged unworthy of further assessment.

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    A crucial question is whether anthracyclines should be used at first-line or whether they would be better "reserved" for relapse and whether FL outcome can be optimized by definite sequences of treatments. Randomized trials can be hardly designed to address this question.

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    The addition of rituximab to first-line chemotherapy had no significant impact HR Autologs stem cell transplantation performed better than any other salvage treatment HR This study supports the concept that in FL previous treatments significantly impact on the outcome of subsequent therapies.

    The outcome of second-line treatments, either with salvage chemoimmunotherapy or with autologs stem cell transplantation, was better when an anthracycline-containing regimen was used at first-line.

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